Earthwise PS43008 Corded Electric Telescopic Pole Saw


Best Electric Pole Saw

Earthwise Electric Corded Pole Chain Saw with 8-inch bar and chain. It stretches out to 9 feet for a less demanding compass without climbing a stepping stool and lean. This electric pole saw weighs just eleven pounds making it somewhat simple to work with up on a ladder and trying to move around. With the engine being on the end this makes the saw more balanced as compared to other models and expands its mobility.


Easy Cord Maintenance
The pole saw has a convenient cord maintenance hook so you don’t have confronted the unplugging issue for the pole saw line over and over. The handy cord maintenance hooks to fend off the wire from pulling and unplugging itself. Simply plug the pole saw and work the way you need, the power wire would not turn out from the power board.
Lightweight Fiberglass
The lightweight fiberglass pole offers less vibration amid cutting. Three positions of flexible head offer advantageous straight, 15-and 30-degree point choices to effortlessly achieve those testing territories.
Automatic oiling
Automatic oiling system keeps the bar and chain greased up while you work so you don’t have to stop. No Fumes, no gas.


  • The Earthwise PS43008 Pole Saw accompanies adjustable length.
  • The pole saw is electrically controlled.
  • Easy to use
  • The Pole saw is only 8.6 pounds in weight.


  • The Pole saw gets minimal overwhelming when stretched completely.
  • You need to purchase the chainsaw bar oil also.

Your Earthwise PS43008 pole saw comes outfitted with an eight-inch Oregon Bar and Chain and the saw can consequently modify the pressure of the chain so influencing slices with the saw to will be simpler than with other comparative electric pole saws. Generally speaking, you have an extremely extraordinary electric trimming saw here that should give you numerous years of satisfaction and service.

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