EXELAIR by Milton EX5005KIT


Best Air Impact Wrench

This kit contains everything you want. Always try to treat your air compressor with utmost torque-powered air tools and get the eventual bang for your money with this EXELAIR (EX5005KIT) 50-Piece Professional Air Tool and Accessory Kit.The Impact wrench present in the kit offers up to 350 foot pounds of power and control by yielding an optimal and finest power-to-weight ratio.


The kit contains a ratchet of 160 RPM, grinder of 25,000 RPM, an air hammer of 4,500 BPM, and a blow gun. The kit also entails a range of additional handy air accessories i.e. socket extension, adaptor, M-Style Plugs (F/M), 5 grinding stones, impact sockets, chisel/point, 2 inflation needles, 2 hand wrenches, spring retainer, screwdriver bit holder/adapter, dual air chuck, set of 3 blow gun nozzles, tire gauge, 10 screwdriver bits, pipe threading tape,and a bottle of pneumatic oil in order to keep your air tools optimized and lubricated. The Impact Wrench of EXELAIR (EX5005KIT) 50-Piece Professional Air Tool provides a 500 ft. lbs. Max Torque. It provides 6.5 CFM and is 5.9 lbs. in weight.


  1. Unique exhaust design
  2. Durable
  3. Portable


  1. A little noisy
  2. Heavy
  3. Medium power

Make Proper Measurements before purchasing

Always make a list of all the reputable stores that deals with EXELAIR (EX5005KIT) 50-Piece Professional Air Tool and Accessory Kit before making an investment. Check out the popular blogs that contains information related to it. One should also take recommendations from their family, friends or relatives.

Always check the websites of companies that sell EXELAIR (EX5005KIT) 50-Piece Professional Air Tool and Accessory Kits online. Before buying the kit online do not forget to read the reviews about the company and product and then take your decision according to it.

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