Greenworks Corded Chainsaw 20332



Being a concerned and responsible homeowner, you need to stock your tool kit with the most efficient and right tools. As they say “right tools for the right job”. Understanding the functioning of your tools is very important. If you have the perfect tools at your disposal, any toughest job could be a piece of cake for you.
Having right tools not only save you from a lot of fatigue and extra laborious efforts, but also gives you a chance to ace your tasks. This seems 100% true when it comes to delivering a smooth and efficient performance for critical jobs like firewood cutting.
You can ace the task of clearing bushes, trees and forest wood cutting from your yard space or in the dense forests, only if you have perfect and smooth electric chainsaw. These days hardware markets are stacked up with a huge variety of tools for every task.
So, if you are thinking to upgrade your tool kit with a perfect electric chainsaw, first you have to have awareness about the common varieties of chainsaws available in the market.
How electric corded chain saw can make your life easy?
Labors working in timber industry and for yard space bush clearing tasks, people prefer the latest electric corded chainsaws over the traditional gas based corded chainsaws. Although gas corded chainsaws make a great deal for customers but they come with difficult maintenance and other disadvantages as well.
Gas corded chainsaw comes with difficult maintenance
If you are not using your gas corded chainsaw frequently and expect it to deliver you with the same flawless performance every time, unfortunately that’s not the case here. Since, gas based chainsaw has the problem of oil and gas deposits gumming up in the carburetor. This halts the performance of this tool. It becomes impossible to even start the chainsaw with this issue.
Features of electric corded chainsaw
The electric powered corded chainsaws allows you to enjoy a smooth and efficient performance of this tool. You get rid of the problems like air filter changing, spark plugs and gasoline. They are not only lightweight but come with various automatic mechanisms as well.
Built in safety mechanism
The 18” chain of this electric chainsaw comes with a built-in chain brake mechanism for enhanced safety. In case of improper contact or in kickback situation, this mechanism is engineered in this Greenworks chainsaw to protect you from the damage. This feature instantly stops the chain and prevents from damage.
Best cutting output with auto lubrication
Automatic lubrication mechanisms, makes this corded electric chainsaw by Greenworks to deliver the cutting edge cutting performance without causing you fatigue.

Unique handle design
The unique and ergonomic handle is designed in a wraparound style. If the task requires you to perform trimming at multiple angles and multiple cutting positions, this perfectly designed handle makes this task further easy.

  • Wrap around handle design for multiple cutting at different angles
  • Auto oiling mechanism for hassle free performance
  • 14.5 amp motor delivers powerful performance with maximum torque


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If you need an electric corded chainsaw with ergonomic design and long chain, we suggest you buying this 14.5amp corded chainsaw by Green Works.

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