PORTER-CABLE BN200C Brad Nailer Kit


Best Brad Nailer

PORTER-CABLE BN200C Brad Nailer Kit is different from any other brad nailers because of the reason that it has magnesium body. It means that it is durable and its life is long. It is a strong tool that has a very lightweight design. The best thing about this product is that it has a removable non-marring nose tape and that means it will avoid any sort of denting in the work surface. Hence, if you have been searching for a professional quality brad nailer then PORTER-CABLE BN200C Brad Nailer Kit can be the best choice.


The important features of this equipment are the following:

Easy to use- it is a brad nailer that is extremely simple to use because its design is dynamic and simple. You don’t need to be an expert in order to use it.

Tool free jam release mechanism- Like many other models, this one also has tools free jam release mechanism that is perfect for a clearing the nails stuck in the nose of this equipment.

Drives 18 gauge nails- it is a standard Brad nailer that is good to drive 18 gauge nails. Whether you want to fix 5/8 inches nails or even you want to fix 2 inches nails, you will find this nailer extremely effective.

Long life maintenance free motor- the long life of its motor can be expected because it does not require any maintenance.


The pros of this brad nailer are the following:

  • For the purpose of secure Brad countersinking, it has perfect depth settings.
  • The battery of this equipment is superb for long lasting performance.
  • It has inbuilt lights that is an advanced feature as compared to previous models.
  • This equipment works with great efficiency and it can deals variety of tasks.


  • The size of this model is quite bigger as compared to many other models.
  • You only get basic accessories with it but other models provide more accessories.
  • This equipment is not good enough to reach very tight spaces.

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