PORTER-CABLE PCC790LA Cordless Brad Nailer Kit


Best Brad Nailer

Are you fed up of using Brad nailers that need air compressor? Simply forget about those nailers because porter cable brad nailer is here for you that does not require any compressor. It is an advanced tool that can make your carpentry task much easier than before.


The important features of this equipment are the following:

  • No compressor required- in this brad nailer, there is no need of any compressor because it is battery powered. It means it is budget friendly equipment.
  • Increase productivity – this equipment can work for hours without an interruption because it has toll free general is a mechanism. In addition to it, it comes with depth adjustment views that support maximum life.
  • Warranty – you will be happy to know that you are provided with a warranty of a specific number of years. It means that you can return the product back to the company if you find any fault.


The pros of this brad nailer are the following:

  • It does not require an external air compressor and that’s why it can work independently.
  • It is a cordless nailer and hence it is easier to use.
  • This nailer is good for virtual functions because it can deal with different sizes of nails.


  • This equipment is a bit having you as compared to many other Brad nailers.
  • It produces noise and you may feel disturbance because of it.

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