Poulan PL1416. Electric Corded Chainsaw



If you are searching the hardware stores for upgrading your tool kit, or if you are planning to clear your yard space from bushes and trees this year, you need a perfect workhorse corded chainsaw for this purpose.
A perfect chainsaw will not only make your job easier, but will provide you the ability to use less energy and get a great output in least time as well. That’s how they truly say : “Right tool for the right job”. Firewood cutting is a critical job, which requires you to have a perfect and right kind of tool. A suitable and powerful corded chainsaw will make your day with great ease.
But with a large variety of cutting tools and chainsaws available on the market, you have to look for the most appropriate one which comes with a number of features to facilitate your tough tasks without causing you a lot of fatigue. For that purpose we are here to make you aware of the nitty-gritty of this “corded chainsaw”, in case you are about to hit the market.
There are two varieties of corded chainsaws available on the market these days. The older version is known as “gas based corded chainsaw”. This makes a great deal too, but the old is not gold anymore. Gas base corded chainsaw comes with a great disadvantage of oil and gas accumulation in the carburetor. This deposit of oil and gas mixture makes it almost impossible to start this chainsaw. This usually happens when you don’t use the gas chainsaw for a long time.
These days, people prefer to buy and use the latest technology of electrically powered corded chainsaw because of a number of advanced features and better technology. Electric corded chainsaw is engineered with automatic functions like tool-less tensioning and automatic lubrication mechanism.
Ergonomic design
The latest ergonomic design of engine and the entire equipment makes this Poulan electric corded chainsaw perfect for new users as well. The inline engine design provides the user with great control and balance.
Chain-brake alert system
This system allows the user to get alert when the chain brake system gets activated. The notifications are easy to view. This chain brake system makes the system safe to use. In case of improper contact, this feature immediately stops the chain to prevent the user from any harm.

Comes with automatic oiler
Automatic lubrication of this corded chainsaw prevents from kick backing and wearing. This reduces the maintenance cost as well.

  • Comes with simples chain tensioning mechanism (tool-free)
  • 16” bar and chain
  • Brake alert notifications
  • Automatic oiling and lubrication
  • Ergonomic design with less weight

If you need a workhorse electric corded chainsaw to carry out your firewood cutting tasks efficiently and effortlessly, we recommend you buying this affordable and reliable electric chainsaw. You will never regret considering the Poulan 16 inches corded chainsaw with amazing built-in features to make your tough jobs easy and quick.

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