Remington RM1025SPS Electric Chainsaw/Pole Saw


Best Electric Pole Saw

The 2-in-1 Ranger Electric Chainsaw includes a flexible aluminum pole that stretches out up to 10-feet to give you enhanced reach when trimming tree limbs. The moment begins, 8-amp electric engine enables you to saw through tree appendages rapidly, while the low-kickback, 10-inch bar and chain makes trimming and pruning straightforward. When you’ve completed the process of bringing down branches from over, the pole saw’s simple flip and bolt clips mean you can quickly disconnect the pole and inspire ideal to cutting up those brought down tree branches.


2-in-1 chainsaw/pole saw combo
Change from pole saw to chain saw without any tool by any means. Basically, detach the pole to go up against an assortment of other cutting errands. It has customizable upper and lower pole with lock and flip clamps. This tree trimmer reaches up to 10 additional feet with the tough aluminum construction of the pole – the simple to-utilize clasps hold them set up at any stature setting
8-amp engine
The efficient 8-amp engine is lightweight, yet a sufficiently effective tree trimmer to trimmer through general branches.
The Ranger is outfitted with the anti-rotation pivot pole outline for stable utilize, and a non-slip grasp for the solace. The 2-in-1 detachable saw changes over without any devices required. The 2-in-1 Ranger pole saw or chainsaw has two movable aluminum poles that stretch out 10-feet to give you additional quality and enhanced reach.


  • Reasonable
  • Simple to utilize
  • Flexible


  • Occasional oil leakage

When you have to go that additional mile, Remington is the best choice. Taking down hard-to-reach branches is a standout among the most critical parts of yard support. The moment begins, electric 8 amp engine encourages you to control through branches rapidly and the low-kickback 10-inch bar and chain makes hacking and pruning basic. At that point when you’ve wrapped up the tree trimmer to take down the branches from over, the simple flip and bolt clasps mean you can promptly disengage and get down to cutting those down limbs.

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