WEN 4021 Electric Pole Saw


Best Electric Pole Saw

The portable and powerful WEN 6.5-Amp electric pole saw come to up to 9 feet for even the most troublesome and gracelessly placed branches. Fantastic Oregon saw chain ensures a decent clean cut while the auto oiling framework guarantees that the chain remains legitimately greased up. The device free chain tensioning framework improves chain changes and alterations.


Advanced pole technology
The WEN 40V Max Lithium-Ion 10-Inch Cordless Pole saw joins a high-quality pole saw with the latest advances in the pole technology. Broaden the saw somewhere in the range of 6-1/2 feet up to 9-1/4 feet long, helping you to cut even the most troublesome branches.
The lightweight brushless engine limits the maintenance needs while lengthening the life expectancy of the unit. The flexible head turns up to 30° in either bearing while the 40V lithium particle battery pivots the engine up to 4800 times each moment.
The design takes into account tool-free blade changes and modifications and in addition emanation free tasks. This battery is additionally perfect with the whole WEN 40V Max Lithium-Ion Series. The included 40V 2Ah lithium particle battery and charger kills the issues of most pole saws, which mean no more fuel, no more additional strings, and insignificant maintenance.


  • Simple to assemble and works useful at the cost paid.
  • Extremely sturdy
  • Works Great


  • It is heavy

The pole extends in the range of 6-1/2 to 9 feet for a custom length that addresses the issues of the job needing to be done. The lightweight outline tips the scales at 8 pounds, restricting client exhaustion. The saw likewise incorporates an implicit wellbeing switch for the trigger to limit the accidents, a shoulder lashes for simple transportation and a scabbard to secure the chain and bar Guide.

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