WEN 61720 Brad Nailer


Best Brad Nailer

It is a brad nailer that is extremely useful for effortlessly shooting a nail. It is lightweight equipment and you will be surprised to know that the total weight of this product is 3 pounds. It comes with comfortable rubber grip handle and that means you can hold and use this product without any pain or stress.Hence, if you have been looking for the simple but professional grade brad nailer then it is the best one and you will not get disappointed to invest your money in buying it.


The important features of this equipment are the following:

Lightweight aluminum body- it is a Brad nailer that has Total weight of 3 pounds and it has aluminum body. You are provided with rubber grip handle that supports maximum comfort.

Accessories – it comes with two adjustment wrenches, custom carrying case and oil. These accessories are enough to accomplish different tasks.

Magazine capacity – the magazine capacity of this brad nailer is a hundred nails. In fact, it supports quick release so as to clear the jam.

Nail size- WEN 61720 Brad Nailer is professional equipment and it can fire brads from 3/4 inches up to 2 inches in length. It means that you can fix the nails of different sizes with it.


The pros of this brad nailer are the following:

  • The design of this Brad nailer is extremely simple and dynamic.
  • The product is as lighter as only 3 pound even though it has an aluminum body.
  • It is useful to effortlessly shoot the nails anywhere.
  • You also get a custom carry bag for convenience and portability of this device.


The only drawback of this product is that it has an aesthetic aspect.

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