WG305. Electric Chainsaw |Auto-Tension



When you are buying an electrically powered corded chainsaw, there are certain features you must look for to get a perfect deal. In this review, we are here to make your choice easy by providing you with an insight about the complete specifications and advantages of WG305 electric corded chainsaw.
Need a perfect chainsaw for clearing yard space?
If you are planning to clear your yard space from bushes and trees this year, you need a perfect workhorse corded chainsaw for this purpose.
A perfect chainsaw will not only make your job easier, but will provide you the ability to use less energy and get a great output in least time as well. That’s how they truly say : “Right tool for the right job”. Firewood cutting is a critical job, which requires you to have a perfect and right kind of tool. A suitable and powerful corded chainsaw will make your day with great ease.
Varieties of chainsaw available on the market
But with a large variety of cutting tools and chainsaws available on the market, you have to look for the most appropriate one which comes with a number of features to facilitate your tough tasks without causing you a lot of fatigue. For that purpose we are here to make you aware of the nitty-gritty of this “corded chainsaw”, in case you are about to hit the market.
Why gas based corded chain saw is not preferred?
Gas corded chainsaw will not deliver you with efficient performance, if you leave it unused for a long time. The oil and gas mixture gets accumulated in the carburetor if this gas based corded chain saw is not used frequently. This gummed up deposit of oil and gas makes it almost impossible to operate this gas corded chainsaw.
On the other hand, if you are thinking to upgrade your tool kit with an electric corded chainsaw, it’s time to bid farewell to gasoline, air filters and spark plugs. Electric corded chainsaws come with efficient performance and various other advantages as well. Before you hit the market to buy the perfect electric corded chainsaw for your job, let’s look into the features and advantages of this workhorse.
Patented auto-tension chain mechanism
Best of all, this incredible chainsaw comes with patented and tool free tensioning system for the bar and chain. This technology saves the chain from excess friction and extends the life of chain.
Reliable performance
Reliable and consistent performance is crucial for carrying out tough jobs with least effort. In this electric corded chain saw, 8amp electric motor powers this device.

Automatic oiling system
The most unique feature of this electric corded chainsaw is the automatic lubrication. But this automatic lubrication comes with oil level indicator as well. The oil tank comes with a capacity of 4 flu oz. The auto oiling mechanism reduces the mechanism cost and effort required for maintain this corded chainsaw machine.

  • Auto tension patented chain system
  • 8amp motor for reliable and powerful performance
  • Automatic oiling mechanism with oil level indication system
  • Compact engine design makes it portable and more easier to control


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If you are looking for an affordable deal with in your budget, we suggest you to consider buying this corded chainsaw with incredible performance like a workhorse.

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